Staff at Aspen CRM


Jeff Brown has more than 35 years of experience in the field of historic preservation, cultural
resource management, and project management, and he meets the Secretary of the Interior’s
Standards for Historic Preservation.  He spent 20 years working for the National Park Service,
managing hands-on preservation and stabilization projects and writing preservation and
management plans for cultural resources.  Jeff serves as the firm’s historic preservation specialist, 
project manager, and GIS specialist
Emily Brown holds a Masters and PhD in archaeology from Columbia University, is listed on the
Society for America Archaeology’s Register of Professional Archaeologists, and meets the
Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Archaeology.  She specializes in prehistoric and historic
archaeology of the Southwest and Desert West and has worked in New Mexico, Texas, Utah,
Arizona, Colorado, Oklahoma, Nevada, and California.  Emily serves as the firm’s archaeology
project manager and principal investigator.  
Heather Atherton,     Historical Archaeologist
Patrick Graham,        Crew Chief
Rich Higgins,             Historian
Aleta Lawrence,        Researcher
Mark Sechrist,           Crew Chief
Kim Sorvig                Landscape Architect